ZENIT - Zenit, S.C.P. is made up by specialized translators, covering a wide scope of subject matters and tasks including translation, transcription, proofreading and text recreation.

Software localisation is an especially important component of the many areas of specialisation offered by Zenit. Our language professionals have extensive experience in the field after years of working for the most prestigious computing, ERP and videogames companies from various perspectives: project management, translation and editing.

Zenit offers localisation for software strings, help modules and documentation, and it also provides linguistic and functional validation.

All localisation projects entail the use of translation memories; therefore, Zenit agrees to update all versions of its software systems and invest in new tools if the client’s project so requires it.

Our layout professionals can also provide a comprehensive service for documentation assignments, allowing us to translate, edit, proofread and arrange the layout for any localisation project.